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A Brief Look at Things Your Homeowner’s Insurance May Not Cover

Your home insurance policy is designed to protect you, your family, and your home against an assortment of risks. For instance, if a fire breaks out, your home is vandalized, or a bad storm blows through, your home is protected if it is damaged. Your home insurance policy also covers medical and legal expenses in the event another person is injured while at your home. However, the traditional home insurance policy won’t cover everything. The team at D & E Insurance Agency wants to explain a few things that may not be covered under your Muskogee, OK home insurance policy.

Earthquake Damage

Although a natural disaster, earthquakes are not covered under the standard home insurance policy. If you live in an area where natural disasters like earthquakes and mudslides are common, you will want to speak to an agent about specific coverage for this event.  

Flood Damage

Whether from a hurricane, heavy rainstorm, or burst pipe, flood damage also isn’t covered under your conventional policy. Again, you will need to purchase additional coverage specifically related to flood insurance in order to ensure you are covered when a disaster like this strikes.

High-Value Items

High-valued items like artwork, jewelry, collectibles, and the like are actually covered by your home insurance policy—but only up to a certain amount. Therefore, in the event of a covered loss, you may need to purchase additional coverage to ensure you are fully compensated for your assets. This may require an appraisal so you know how much your items are worth, then you can obtain adequate coverage for your items.

When you are in need of home insurance in Muskogee, OK or a policy to cover one of the aforementioned events, reach out to the team at D & E Insurance Agency. We can help you identify your specific needs and set you up with a policy that matches your lifestyle and budget.

Renters insurance FAQs

When you are a renter in Muskogee, OK, you may wonder if there is any need for you to have renters insurance. At D & E Insurance Agency we put the needs of our clients first. We work for you, not the insurance carriers. Making sure you are satisfied with the coverage we find for you is our primary goal. 

Doesn’t my landlord have insurance?

Your landlord probably does have insurance to protect the building that they own. Their building insurance, however, does not protect your possessions or offer your liability coverage if someone is injured in your rental. They are only protecting their own property. 

Does renters insurance cover my dog?

Yes, renters insurance covers your dog as long as it is not one of the excluded breeds. You should call your agent and check what breeds are excluded by your carrier. 

Will I be covered if someone gets hurt at my rental?

Yes, you will, renters insurance has liability coverage. It will pay for medical expenses and, if you are sued, a judgment up to the limit of your policy. It will also pay legal fees. 

What kind of content coverage does rental insurance have?

You have a choice when you get a rental insurance policy. Content coverage comes in two types; the value of your content today with depreciation included, or what it will actually cost to replace it. 

What is loss of use coverage?

In the event your rental is rendered uninhabitable by a covered hazard, you will need a place to stay. Loss of use coverage will pay for a hotel and then for a temporary rental until you can move back home. It may even pay for some meals. 

Contact D & E Insurance Agency in Muskogee, OK for all your insurance needs including renters insurance. 

Required Auto Insurance in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, there are laws about the kind of insurance that you must have on your vehicle as well as how much of each coverage type you need. This is not a limit on how much insurance you can have, however. It’s generally recommended to add more coverage to an auto policy in Oklahoma. The required amounts in Oklahoma are low when compared to other states, and adding onto your maximum payout amounts is a smart move. If you’re interested in auto insurance, call us today at D & E Insurance Agency in Muskogee, OK.

Bodily Injury Liability

When you get your auto insurance, there are two amounts of bodily injury liability protection that you must have. This includes a specific amount of coverage for one person who becomes injured in an accident. There is another, the higher amount required for when an accident injures two or more people. Both of these amounts are too low to pay for a serious accident in many cases. In some cases, the medical bills may go on for weeks or more as someone receives care after the accident. Your bodily injury coverage even pays for your own lawyer’s fees. 

Property Damage Liability

The state of Oklahoma also requires you to have at least a specific amount of coverage for any property that is damaged during an accident that you caused. This coverage can cover items in the other car that get broken in the crash as well as property damage is done to a home or to landscaping. This coverage is vitally important not only because it’s required but because it can save you from financial disaster if another vehicle or other items are damaged and you don’t have the money to fix it all. 

Get Your Auto Insurance

If you need auto insurance in Oklahoma, call us at D & E Insurance Agency in Muskogee, OK.

Required Commercial Insurance in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has two types of commercial insurance that the state requires for many businesses. These are both important for protecting your business against huge costs and lawsuits. When your business needs commercial insurance, call us now at D & E Insurance Agency in Muskogee, OK.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance is a type that pays for the resulting costs that are caused by an accident or occupational illness that an employee gets from work. This insurance allows the policy to pay for the medical bills as well as lost wages and certain other costs that are left behind after an accident or illness. In Oklahoma, you are required to have this coverage if you have any number of employees at all. Even if you employ only one part-time worker, your business must have workers’ compensation for that worker. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

For Oklahoma businesses, if your company owns a vehicle, you must have a commercial auto policy for that vehicle. This insurance has specific minimum amounts of coverage that are set by the state. These include a specific amount for bodily injury liability for a single person who gets injured in an accident. There is another, higher, amount required for everyone who is injured in the accident. There is also a minimum amount for property damage liability coverage. All of these coverage types have relatively low minimum amounts required, and adding higher amounts to these can help you to get a serious accident paid for. If you don’t have enough insurance coverage to pay for the medical bills and/or property damage, it will be up to you to pay for what is left. 

Get Your Business Covered

Your business needs to stay compliant with state laws, and you may need commercial insurance in order to do so. Call us at D & E Insurance Agency in Muskogee, OK.

Why Every Homeowner Needs Home Insurance

Owning a home is a big responsibility, and part of that is to get a home insurance policy. If you need a home policy, give us a call today at D & E Insurance Agency in Muskogee, OK.

Protection for the House

The house itself is an enormous investment that you need to protect. With home insurance, you are protected against a wide variety of situations including disasters and accidents that can happen to a house. With this protection, you can have the house repaired or rebuilt after something serious happens to it. The policy can even pay for you to live somewhere else while the repairs are made if the house is uninhabitable. 

Covering Your Possessions

Another part of home insurance is the coverage for your belongings that are located in the house or on the grounds. This coverage allows for you to get help with replacing items if you should have significant amounts of damage or destruction happen to your things. Often, damage to the house and to the belongings happens at the same time, and both issues may be covered with home insurance. 

Taking Care of Liability 

When you own a house, you may be held liable for a number of accidents that can happen in your home or yard. Often, accidents like this lead to injuries, and this can then lead to lawsuits. When you have home insurance, your liability is covered. This can help to prevent lawsuits as well as protecting your finances against owning major medical bills due to an accident. It can help you to protect your family’s future by paying for these bills. It may also pay for lost wages after an accident if needed. 

Get Home Insurance

If you don’t have your home insurance policy yet, don’t wait. Call us at D & E Insurance Agency in Muskogee, OK.

How to Make a Renter’s Insurance Claim in Oklahoma

When you are a renter in Oklahoma, you will be assuming some risks in and around your home. Your renter’s insurance is designed to protect you financially from those risks.

You may have exposed yourself to financial liabilities already, without even knowing it. That is what renters’ insurance is for. At D & E Insurance Agency, we want Muskogee, OK residents to know how and when to make a claim on their renters’ insurance in Oklahoma.

What Information Do You Need?

When you have renters’ insurance, there are a number of things that you can make a claim for. Before you call your insurance company with a claim, have as much documentation on hand as you can. 

That may be a police report, hospital or doctor expenses, or you may just need a home inventory if the claim is for property loss.

When you get your renters’ insurance, take a video and photos of the layout of your home. You want to also take a video and photos of the layout of your home when you are making an insurance claim.

If you don’t have that, a list of everything that you have lost and its value is the next piece of documentation that you need. 

When you have the documentation that you need, make the call to your insurance company.

How to Handle Your Renters’ Insurance Claim

To make a renters’ insurance claim, take your documentation with you to the phone call. Tell them what happened, and they will instruct you on the next step.

In order to ensure that your claim is handled quickly, return every phone call quickly, and handle the forms quickly as well. Always be completely honest with your insurance company. They may have investigators looking into your problem, and your claim could be denied. 

Follow the instructions of your insurance company to the letter. Your claim will be processed that much faster.

Get a Quote

Filing a claim with your renters’ insurance company is easy, and it will make you glad that you have renters’ insurance in Oklahoma. At D & E Insurance Agency, we want Muskogee, OK renters to feel secure. Call us for a quote today.

Do You Have Enough Auto Insurance?

With so many motor vehicle coverages available, most vehicle owners face the challenging task of determining the exact amount of insurance they need. Ask any insurance agent, and they will tell you they’ve encountered the question: how much car insurance coverage do I need? 

Unfortunately, there’s no precise answer to the inquiry. The amount of auto insurance needed primarily depends on the number of coverage you are considering and the deductibles you can comfortably bear. According to the D & E Insurance Agency of Muskogee, OK, here is how you determine the amount of car insurance needed.

Liability Insurance

In almost all the states, the law requires that you have liability insurance cover if you own a vehicle. This insurance coverage comes to your rescue when your car causes injuries or damages to other people or their properties. 

Whereas you can’t predict the extent of damages or injuries you’d cause, you should have higher liability coverage — this would enable you to cover more damages. 

Experts recommend having 100/300/100 liability insurance if you are to be on the safe side. This simply means $100,000 per individual, $300,000 per crash (bodily injuries), and $100,000 (property damage liability). If you have a high liability exposure, consider umbrella insurance. 

Collision Insurance

This sort of insurance coverage protects your auto in case of a collision with other cars or properties. It’s essential to have this coverage as it covers your auto’s repair cost after an accident. But how much of it do you need? You should have coverage that repairs or replaces your vehicle without incurring out-of-pocket expenses. 

Comprehensive Insurance

Unlike the collision insurance cover, comprehensive insurance coverage shields your vehicle from any damage that arises from reasons other than collision. For instance, a falling object can hit your auto while it’s parked. Like collision coverage, you should carry comprehensive insurance sufficient to cover repairer replacement of your vehicle without incurring expenses from your pocket apart from the deductibles.

The bottom line

Although there are several other auto insurance coverages that you should consider when answering the question “how much motor vehicle insurance do I require?” the above are the most common. If you are stranded, D & E Insurance Agency in Muskogee, OK will guide you to figure out the amount of insurance you need. 

Is Commercial Insurance a Necessity?

According to Small Business Administration, over 355,000 small businesses in Oklahoma employ more than half of the state’s workforce. Therefore, as a small business owner in Muskogee, OK, it’s imperative to consider various types of commercial insurance to cushion your business. Incidences such as customer slips and falls, natural calamities, theft, and employee injuries can threaten your financial stability. Thankfully, at D & E Insurance Agency, we provide various commercial insurance options to cater to various business needs.

Is commercial insurance mandatory in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma State requires businesses with employees, whether part-time or full-time, to maintain workers’ compensation insurance. This policy pays for medical expenses for work injuries and illnesses. Additionally, Oklahoma advocates that all business-owned vehicles get covered with commercial auto insurance. 

Besides compliance, here are additional benefits you accrue when you invest in commercial insurance?

Secure your finances.

If a fire or other covered peril forces your business venture to close, business income insurance can compensate your lost income due to these disruptions. Again, business insurance pays for losses incurred when a covered peril destroys assets. Commercial insurance is an absolute necessity because it helps you pay for damages, employees’ injuries, and lawsuits that you would otherwise have to settle out-of-pocket.

Protects your customers.

If you purchase a business owner’s policy (BOP), which combines business property and business liability coverage, it safeguards your business against bodily injury, product liability, and advertising injury from customers and other parties.

Commercial insurance helps with lawsuits. 

Every business venture is vulnerable to lawsuits attracting legal fees. However, you can safeguard your business against lawsuits by purchasing general business liability coverage. This policy assists in payments of costs emanating from lawsuits filed by your employees or clients. 

It covers data breach damage.

Data breaches and cyber-attacks can affect any business with an online presence. Cyber liability insurance helps to cover ransom payments to hackers, negotiation costs, legal costs, and other recovery costs following a malicious online attack.

Buy commercial insurance today!

It’s paramount to determine the amount of commercial insurance you need to procure. For Muskogee, OK business owners, don’t be frustrated in establishing the amount of insurance you require. When you start your insurance journey with D & E Insurance Agency, we will assist you in landing coverage that matches your needs and budget. Contact or visit us today!

Renters insurance FAQs

When you are a renter, you may feel as if you don’t have a lot to lose if your apartment is destroyed, or maybe you never think about that possibility. A recent study showed that more than 55% of renters do not have renters insurance. If you are like most people, almost everything you own is in your home, and if it were destroyed, you would need to start from scratch. This is much more expensive than you might think. At D & E Insurance Agency in Muskogee, OK, we are here to show you the benefits of renters insurance and why you should have it. 

Doesn’t my landlord have insurance?

It is likely your landlord does have insurance to cover their building. Their insurance, however, offers no protection for your personal possessions. You need to insure your property yourself with renters insurance. 

If someone gets hurt at my rental, am I responsible?

You may be. It depends on the type of injury and if you were negligent in any way. If they decide to sue, you could end up with not only a judgment against you, but you could have to pay for legal fees. Renters insurance includes liability coverage that can help pay for a judgment against you.

Does renters insurance cover property away from home?

Yes, if you are traveling, you still have coverage. It can be when you travel not only in your car but on a plane, train or bus. If something is stolen, you are covered no matter where you are or lost or damaged. 

What type of property coverage should I choose?

You have two options: actual cash value and replacement cost. It is less expensive to choose actual cash value, but you will only receive what the item is valued at today with depreciation. With replacement cost, you would receive the amount actually to replace the item at today’s prices.

Contact D & E Insurance Agency in Muskogee, OK for all your renter’s insurance needs. 

Tips for a safer home

Creating a safer home should be a priority for everyone, no matter their age. Safety needs to be looked at from the outside and the inside of your home. You want to keep any danger from entering and make sure that basic safety protocol is in place. At D & E Insurance Agency in Muskogee, OK, we work for our customers to make sure we provide them with the best possible coverage at affordable prices. 

Install a home security system

Home security systems have become more affordable than ever. You can purchase a system you install yourself for the price of a couple of dinners out at a restaurant. It can be as simple as a doorbell camera or additional cameras installed to give you a view around your entire home. They connect to your smartphone, and you can make sure your home is safe even if you’re away. 

Door and window locks

Have a good door lock and deadbolt is a simple way to make your home safer. Of course, you do need to make sure it is locked at all times. Check windows to make the locks are also engaged. Safety bars are available for sliders that make them impossible to open. 

Don’t have large bushes close to your home.

Keep large bushes away from your home. You don’t want to provide any place where some can hide from view. If someone is looking your home over, they will be visible to you and your neighbors.

Change the batteries in detectors.

Most homeowners have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in their homes. They need to be operational to provide safety. Even if they’re hardwired, they have battery backup, and these batteries should be changed every 6 months.   

When you are in the market for home insurance, D & E Insurance Agency in Muskogee, OK is here for you. 

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