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How to Make a Renter’s Insurance Claim in Oklahoma

When you are a renter in Oklahoma, you will be assuming some risks in and around your home. Your renter’s insurance is designed to protect you financially from those risks.

You may have exposed yourself to financial liabilities already, without even knowing it. That is what renters’ insurance is for. At D & E Insurance Agency, we want Muskogee, OK residents to know how and when to make a claim on their renters’ insurance in Oklahoma.

What Information Do You Need?

When you have renters’ insurance, there are a number of things that you can make a claim for. Before you call your insurance company with a claim, have as much documentation on hand as you can. 

That may be a police report, hospital or doctor expenses, or you may just need a home inventory if the claim is for property loss.

When you get your renters’ insurance, take a video and photos of the layout of your home. You want to also take a video and photos of the layout of your home when you are making an insurance claim.

If you don’t have that, a list of everything that you have lost and its value is the next piece of documentation that you need. 

When you have the documentation that you need, make the call to your insurance company.

How to Handle Your Renters’ Insurance Claim

To make a renters’ insurance claim, take your documentation with you to the phone call. Tell them what happened, and they will instruct you on the next step.

In order to ensure that your claim is handled quickly, return every phone call quickly, and handle the forms quickly as well. Always be completely honest with your insurance company. They may have investigators looking into your problem, and your claim could be denied. 

Follow the instructions of your insurance company to the letter. Your claim will be processed that much faster.

Get a Quote

Filing a claim with your renters’ insurance company is easy, and it will make you glad that you have renters’ insurance in Oklahoma. At D & E Insurance Agency, we want Muskogee, OK renters to feel secure. Call us for a quote today.

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