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Why Renters Insurance is a Smart Financial Decision.

Insurance for those who rent is not typically required by law; however, renters insurance provides a simple and affordable solution to help renters protect themselves from property and financial losses or injury to others. The D & E Insurance Agency, which serves the greater Muskogee, OK region, offers this advice about renters insurance benefits.

Renters Insurance Provides Liability Coverage.

This policy, which a tenant can buy and even choose to tailor to their needs, will cover someone’s medical and/or legal expenses should someone become injured in the rental unit.

Renters Insurance Protects the Insured’s Personal Property.

A renters’ policy offers insurance coverage for personal belongings (which may include items like furniture, clothing, electronics, and more) should a covered event (e.g., theft, vandalism, etc.) cause the items mentioned above to be damaged/stolen. Specific policies for renters may cover personal belongings damaged/stolen when not within the rental property—for example, a laptop stolen from your parked car.

Renters Insurance Covers Additional Living Expenses Should You be Displaced.

If the rental unit becomes unlivable (due to a defined, covered loss), this policy reimburses for temporary living expenses until you can return.

Note that some landlords may require renters insurance as a lease provision. However, given the security and the peace of mind provided by having a renter’s policy protecting you against unforeseen events, an insurance policy for renters can only be considered a wise financial choice.

For more information about renters’ insurance and its potential value for you, your family, and your personal belongings in and around the Muskogee, OK area, contact the insurance professionals of D & E Insurance Agency at 918-682-3632 or online.

Why All Renters Need Renter’s Insurance

If you rent your home, there are a number of precautions that you need to take to protect yourself. One way that you can protect yourself is to have a renter’s insurance policy. These policies protect you in a number of ways against serious expenses that could be unaffordable. All renters need to have this policy in place just in case of damaging incidents that can cost them a bundle. If you’re a renter and need coverage, call us at D & E Insurance Agency in Muskogee, OK.

It’s Generally Required

One reason that you need to have renter’s insurance is that it’s usually required by landlords. You don’t have to have the dwelling insured, as that’s up to the landlord. However, you do need the other types of protection that these policies provide. If you don’t have a policy in place, the owner of the home may be sued if something happens there that damages property or injures someone. Your renter’s insurance has different types of coverage within it, and one of these is liability coverage. The policy can pay for the medical bills and other costs that someone has if they are injured in your home. 

It Protects Your Property

The items that you own inside your rented home are also in need of protection, and renter’s insurance includes this type of coverage. You have a lot invested in the things that you own, and they could be in danger or being destroyed in an accident, disaster, etc. When this happens, your policy can pay for you to replace the things you own so that you can quickly get back to your normal life. 

Get Renter’s Insurance Today

Even if it isn’t required for you, you need renter’s insurance. Call us at D & E Insurance Agency in Muskogee, OK. 

What are the three major parts of a renters insurance policy?

A renters policy refers to a group of insurance coverages developed to help those who rent rather than own a condo or home. According to the insurance specialists at D & E Insurance Agency in Muskogee, OK, a standard renters insurance policy consists of three coverage types.

Three Major Parts Of Renters Insurance

Personal Property

This part of a renters policy provides coverage (up to policy limits) for your personal belongings should the insured individual face a fire, theft, vandalism, or water damage in the property. The policy reimburses the cost of replacing/repairing damaged or stolen personal items.


Liability coverage protects the insured if found to be legally responsible for the cause of bodily injury or property damage to others. For instance, if a visitor is injured in your rented home – caused by the insured/renter’s negligence, this part of the policy may cover expenses should the injured party sue for damages. It also extends to damage or injuries the insured may cause to someone else’s property.

Additional Living Expenses (ALE) After A Covered Loss 

Should the home your rent become uninhabitable, caused by a defined covered event like a fire or severe storm, the part of the coverage will help with the expenses of temporary living arrangements – meals, hotel bills, or even another rental home.

Note that optional coverage/riders/endorsements may be added. These may include identity theft protection or specific coverage for high-value items, among others.

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For information about how you can customize a renter’s policy to fit your specific requirements for protection, contact the licensed insurance professionals at D & E Insurance Agency. We look forward to serving your rental insurance needs in and around the greater Muskogee, OK area.

Need Renters Insurance? Check Out These 5 Helpful Tips

Do you rent a house or apartment in Muskogee, OK? Do you want to protect your possessions and finances from unexpected accidents? If so, you should strongly consider acquiring renters insurance from a provider like D & E Insurance Agency. Renters insurance can be a little complex, so we’re going to offer 5 tips to help you find the best plan for you:

Tips For Renters Insurance

Evaluate Your Coverage Needs

Start by evaluating your coverage needs. Consider the value of your personal belongings and choose coverage options that can help replace those items in case of theft, damage, or loss. Also, consider acquiring liability coverage that can protect you if someone is injured on your rental property.

Research Different Providers

Research different providers and compare their coverage options, premiums, and customer reviews. Not all providers who serve locations in Oklahoma are the same. So, do your due diligence before picking a provider or a policy. 

Choose the Right Coverage Level

Choose the right level of coverage based on your needs and budget. Many renters insurance policies offer different coverage levels, so think about the value of your personal belongings and choose a coverage level that will adequately protect you.

Understand Policy Terms and Conditions

Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of your policy, including any deductibles or exclusions. Also, ensure that you understand how to file a claim and what is required in case of a loss.

Bundle Your Insurance Policies

Consider bundling your renters insurance with other insurance policies, such as auto or life insurance. This can often result in a discount on your overall insurance premiums.

By following these tips, you can find the right renters insurance policy to protect your personal belongings and provide you with peace of mind while renting.

Are you looking for renters insurance in Muskogee, OK?

If so, be sure to reach out to us at D & E Insurance Agency today for more information!

Why Might a Landlord Make Renters Insurance a Requirement?

Renters Insurance is not a requirement under Muskogee, OK law, but many landlords will compel you to show proof of a policy in order to secure a lease. This is because landlord insurance does not extend to your possessions but only to the building you occupy. In addition, many renters choose to purchase this insurance for the benefits it confers.

Why Might a Landlord Make Renters Insurance a Requirement?

It was once rare for landlords to make renters insurance mandatory, but this has now become common practice. One reason is that it can help to alleviate potential disputes between tenants and landlords.

Just as a landlord will ask for a security deposit, your renters insurance helps ensure there is a clear demarcation between what you are both responsible for. Your D & E Insurance Agency representative can be of more assistance in explaining the specific coverage for your situation.

Renters insurance can help cut down on claims that are made to a landlord’s policy in the event that you suffer a loss due to a fire or other structural problem. In some cases, this can help landlords in situations where there is damage due to tenant negligence. 

Landlords do not have to worry about compensating tenants for damaged possessions in the event they are stolen or vandalized. In addition, they may not have to expend resources to provide a tenant with a temporary place to live in the event they are dispossessed. Finally, the landlord’s own insurance company may require that a renter purchase his or her own insurance. 

Let Us Help

D & E Insurance Agency serves the Muskogee, OK region, and we tailor our products and services to meet your needs. Stop by our office, call us, or reach out to us online, and we look forward to answering any questions you might have.  

Do I Need Renters Insurance If My Apartment Complex Has Insurance?

If your complex has a communal insurance policy for all of the tenants, then you may not need to get renters insurance. However, if your complex doesn’t have a communal policy, then it is vital that you get renters insurance to protect your belongings in the case that something happens. 

For more details and help, confer with D & E Insurance Agency, the agency serving the greater Muskogee, OK community. 

Renters Insurance in Apartment Complex: What You Need To Know

If your apartment complex has a full-service building insurance program, you do not need to purchase renters insurance. However, if your complex’s building insurance is not comprehensive, you will need to purchase additional comprehensive coverage. 

If you have a problem with your apartment complex’s building insurance, first identify the issue and then work with your insurance adjuster to work out a solution. Rental insurance can help protect your investment if you’re renting an entire apartment to someone else. 

Many apartment buildings have an option that provides renters insurance as a part of their regular insurance package. If you’re renting an entire building, you can choose to add renters insurance as an option. 

The reason you may need the renters insurance is because the landlord’s insurance will only cover damage caused by other tenants within the building. For example, if your washer floods and damages your apartment building’s common areas and other people’s apartments as well, then the landlord’s insurance will pay for that damage. 

If there is a storm outside of the apartment complex and lightning strikes one of your appliances causing it to burst into flames and burn down your entire apartment building (and everything inside of it), then no one would be able to help pay for these damages. That’s because they would not be covered by anyone else’s insurance. 

The only way they could be paid for would be through an umbrella policy on top of an individual renters policy but this can cost thousands of dollars per year. It isn’t usually worth it unless you have extremely valuable items such as jewelry or art in addition to expensive electronics. 

Contact Us Today

If your building has an insurance policy, but you aren’t sure whether it has the proper coverage, you can get a list of the building’s policies and contact the building owner directly. If your apartment complex has insurance, you might not need to take out the full insurance policy. 

However, if your insurance covers only a portion of the costs, ensure to include what’s not covered in your premiums. The complex’s insurance only cover the common areas, such as the pool, gym and hallways. For more inquiries, give us a call at D & E Insurance Agency in Muskogee, OK.

Why You Need Renter’s Insurance in Muskogee OK

You don’t own your home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t protect your belongings. Renter’s insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage for your possessions if they are damaged or stolen while you are renting. While it is not mandatory to have renter’s insurance in Muskogee, OK, it is highly advisable, especially if you have a lot of valuable belongings.

Who Needs Renter’s Insurance?

Almost everyone who rents an apartment or house should have renter’s insurance. The policy provides coverage for your possessions in the event of damage or theft, which can be extremely helpful if you have many valuable items. A D & E Insurance Agency representative can help you determine if renter’s insurance is the right choice for you.

What Does Renter’s Insurance Cover?

Renter’s insurance covers the replacement cost of your belongings if they are damaged or stolen. The policy also typically includes liability coverage if there’s an injury on the property you rent.

Although your landlord’s insurance policy covers the building, it does not cover your belongings or provides liability coverage for you. That’s why renter’s insurance is so important. It fills in the gaps and protects you and your belongings.

How Much Renter’s Insurance Do I Need?

The amount of renter’s insurance you need depends on the value of your belongings. Most policies provide $25,000 to $50,000 in coverage, but you may need more or less, depending on your situation.

Why Is Renter’s Insurance Important?

Even if you don’t have many valuable belongings, renter’s insurance is still good. The policy can help if you’re displaced because of an apartment fire or other disaster. It can also cover the cost of temporary housing and other related expenses.

A D & E Insurance Agency representative can help you determine how much coverage you need in Muskogee, OK.

Renters insurance FAQs

When you are a renter in Muskogee, OK, you may wonder if there is any need for you to have renters insurance. At D & E Insurance Agency we put the needs of our clients first. We work for you, not the insurance carriers. Making sure you are satisfied with the coverage we find for you is our primary goal. 

Doesn’t my landlord have insurance?

Your landlord probably does have insurance to protect the building that they own. Their building insurance, however, does not protect your possessions or offer your liability coverage if someone is injured in your rental. They are only protecting their own property. 

Does renters insurance cover my dog?

Yes, renters insurance covers your dog as long as it is not one of the excluded breeds. You should call your agent and check what breeds are excluded by your carrier. 

Will I be covered if someone gets hurt at my rental?

Yes, you will, renters insurance has liability coverage. It will pay for medical expenses and, if you are sued, a judgment up to the limit of your policy. It will also pay legal fees. 

What kind of content coverage does rental insurance have?

You have a choice when you get a rental insurance policy. Content coverage comes in two types; the value of your content today with depreciation included, or what it will actually cost to replace it. 

What is loss of use coverage?

In the event your rental is rendered uninhabitable by a covered hazard, you will need a place to stay. Loss of use coverage will pay for a hotel and then for a temporary rental until you can move back home. It may even pay for some meals. 

Contact D & E Insurance Agency in Muskogee, OK for all your insurance needs including renters insurance. 

How to Make a Renter’s Insurance Claim in Oklahoma

When you are a renter in Oklahoma, you will be assuming some risks in and around your home. Your renter’s insurance is designed to protect you financially from those risks.

You may have exposed yourself to financial liabilities already, without even knowing it. That is what renters’ insurance is for. At D & E Insurance Agency, we want Muskogee, OK residents to know how and when to make a claim on their renters’ insurance in Oklahoma.

What Information Do You Need?

When you have renters’ insurance, there are a number of things that you can make a claim for. Before you call your insurance company with a claim, have as much documentation on hand as you can. 

That may be a police report, hospital or doctor expenses, or you may just need a home inventory if the claim is for property loss.

When you get your renters’ insurance, take a video and photos of the layout of your home. You want to also take a video and photos of the layout of your home when you are making an insurance claim.

If you don’t have that, a list of everything that you have lost and its value is the next piece of documentation that you need. 

When you have the documentation that you need, make the call to your insurance company.

How to Handle Your Renters’ Insurance Claim

To make a renters’ insurance claim, take your documentation with you to the phone call. Tell them what happened, and they will instruct you on the next step.

In order to ensure that your claim is handled quickly, return every phone call quickly, and handle the forms quickly as well. Always be completely honest with your insurance company. They may have investigators looking into your problem, and your claim could be denied. 

Follow the instructions of your insurance company to the letter. Your claim will be processed that much faster.

Get a Quote

Filing a claim with your renters’ insurance company is easy, and it will make you glad that you have renters’ insurance in Oklahoma. At D & E Insurance Agency, we want Muskogee, OK renters to feel secure. Call us for a quote today.

Renters insurance FAQs

When you are a renter, you may feel as if you don’t have a lot to lose if your apartment is destroyed, or maybe you never think about that possibility. A recent study showed that more than 55% of renters do not have renters insurance. If you are like most people, almost everything you own is in your home, and if it were destroyed, you would need to start from scratch. This is much more expensive than you might think. At D & E Insurance Agency in Muskogee, OK, we are here to show you the benefits of renters insurance and why you should have it. 

Doesn’t my landlord have insurance?

It is likely your landlord does have insurance to cover their building. Their insurance, however, offers no protection for your personal possessions. You need to insure your property yourself with renters insurance. 

If someone gets hurt at my rental, am I responsible?

You may be. It depends on the type of injury and if you were negligent in any way. If they decide to sue, you could end up with not only a judgment against you, but you could have to pay for legal fees. Renters insurance includes liability coverage that can help pay for a judgment against you.

Does renters insurance cover property away from home?

Yes, if you are traveling, you still have coverage. It can be when you travel not only in your car but on a plane, train or bus. If something is stolen, you are covered no matter where you are or lost or damaged. 

What type of property coverage should I choose?

You have two options: actual cash value and replacement cost. It is less expensive to choose actual cash value, but you will only receive what the item is valued at today with depreciation. With replacement cost, you would receive the amount actually to replace the item at today’s prices.

Contact D & E Insurance Agency in Muskogee, OK for all your renter’s insurance needs. 

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