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Can You Get Auto Insurance Before You Buy a Car?

Preparing for Vehicle Ownership: The Role of Car Insurance

If you’re in the process of procuring a car, you must be deliberating over car insurance. Driving efficiency, some individuals prefer to have their car insurance squared away even before their first car acquisition. If that sounds familiar, our team of professionals at D & E Insurance Agency serving Muskogee, OK, can guide you through the necessary steps to ensure a seamless car purchase.

Car Insurance: A Compulsory Requirement

It’s unavoidable—car insurance is an essential prerequisite to driving a car. The inability to secure an insurance policy prior to owning a vehicle can be a source of confusion. To finalize the policy sale, your insurance agent will require details such as your car’s VIN (vehicle identification number).

Initiating An Insurance Policy Before Car Purchase

You may not finalize a car insurance policy without owning a car, but you can certainly shop for a policy and orchestrate most policy details beforehand. Such pre-emptive measures help streamline the car purchase process at the dealership. Once most policy details are outlined, the final step involves a simple phone call to your insurance agent to disclose the VIN and other relevant data.

Setting up an auto insurance policy is a simplified process, and it’s critical to coordinate your car purchase with your insurance agency’s operational hours for timely communication of your information.

Questions on Insurance for a New Car?

If you have questions about securing an auto insurance policy for your future car, don’t hesitate to reach out to the D & E Insurance Agency serving Muskogee, OK, for more information. We’re here to help.

Can My Business Buy a Business Owners’ Policy?

Protecting your small to mid-sized Muskogee, OK area business proves simpler with a business owners’ policy (BOP) from D & E Insurance Agency. This package of four commonly needed insurance policies provides your business with vital financial protection at a better rate than purchasing the four policies separately. 

BOP Qualifications

Every insurance company uses its own modification of the criteria, but each applies four main requirements. To qualify for a BOP, a business must:

  • Maintain a staff of fewer than 100 individuals
  • Operate from an office or commercial space
  • Generate annual revenue of less than $1 million
  • Require one year or less of business interruption insurance.

Essentially, a BOP provides a strong foundation for a company while it remains in the startup phase.

How a BOP Helps Your Business

Buying a BOP package doesn’t just save you money on premiums. It automatically provides coverage for:

  • Commercial property
  • Bodily injury and property damage liability
  • Personal and advertising injury liability
  • Business interruption coverage.

With these important protections, a business remains covered from most perils and all liability situations.

You can also add other coverage to your commercial policy package, using the BOP as the foundation. Commonly added coverage includes a commercial auto policy, glass coverage if your business space features plate glass windows, and malpractice protection for attorneys and medical practitioners.

Contact Us for Coverage

Contact D & E Insurance Agency for a commercial insurance consultation for your Muskogee, OK business. We offer commercial policies that protect the financial future of your business. Call or email us today about a business owners’ policy for your company.

Should I Tell My Insurer if I Have a New Trampoline or Swimming Pool?

As a homeowner, you know how important it is to have home insurance, whether or not your home has a mortgage on it. At D & E Insurance Agency serving Muskogee, OK and surrounding areas, we take pride in educating all of our home insurance policyholders, so they can get the coverage they need.

Risk Assessment

When you buy home insurance, the insurance company takes into consideration a range of factors, including where your home is located, what it’s constructed of, and other things. Adding things to your home, such as a new addition or home office, changes how much coverage you may need. Adding certain other features to your home can change your coverage needs as well. This includes things like swimming pools and trampolines.

Features That Add Value

Certain features add value to your home in the eyes of homebuyers. Depending on the homebuyers’ perspective, a swimming pool may be a desired feature, or it could detract from the value. Much depends on the area and the perceived value. If your home is valued higher by your local tax assessor because of the pool, you may need more home insurance coverage.

Either way, though, a trampoline and a swimming pool increase risk, too. Any feature that could potentially be a hazard might be considered a risk. You’ll want to protect yourself from these risks, in the event that anyone is hurt while using these features. And it makes good sense to notify your insurance company ahead of time if you’ve added features of any kind to your home.

Call Today To Discuss Your Options

Since this can be a complex situation, you should consult with your insurance representative at D & E Insurance Agency serving Muskogee, OK. We can help you to determine if your home insurance coverage meets all your needs.

Why All Renters Need Renter’s Insurance

If you rent your home, there are a number of precautions that you need to take to protect yourself. One way that you can protect yourself is to have a renter’s insurance policy. These policies protect you in a number of ways against serious expenses that could be unaffordable. All renters need to have this policy in place just in case of damaging incidents that can cost them a bundle. If you’re a renter and need coverage, call us at D & E Insurance Agency in Muskogee, OK.

It’s Generally Required

One reason that you need to have renter’s insurance is that it’s usually required by landlords. You don’t have to have the dwelling insured, as that’s up to the landlord. However, you do need the other types of protection that these policies provide. If you don’t have a policy in place, the owner of the home may be sued if something happens there that damages property or injures someone. Your renter’s insurance has different types of coverage within it, and one of these is liability coverage. The policy can pay for the medical bills and other costs that someone has if they are injured in your home. 

It Protects Your Property

The items that you own inside your rented home are also in need of protection, and renter’s insurance includes this type of coverage. You have a lot invested in the things that you own, and they could be in danger or being destroyed in an accident, disaster, etc. When this happens, your policy can pay for you to replace the things you own so that you can quickly get back to your normal life. 

Get Renter’s Insurance Today

Even if it isn’t required for you, you need renter’s insurance. Call us at D & E Insurance Agency in Muskogee, OK. 

Can I insure someone else’s car for myself to drive?

Everyone has a different life and circumstances. While most auto insurance is specifically tailored to individuals and their automobiles, there are other policies designed for non-owners. If you drive regularly but don’t own a vehicle in Muskogee, OK, D & E Insurance Agency can help you find a policy that works for you. 

How Does Non-Owner Auto Insurance Work?

Not every insurance company even offers non-owner policies. Normally, insurance follows the car instead of the driver. That way, people can allow their friends and family members to borrow their vehicles. 

With a non-owner policy, the insurance follows the driver. A non-owner policy provides liability protection to the driver in whatever car the driver is currently operating. Without additional protection, there is not usually coverage for other damages, such as the driver’s own injuries. 

Reasons You May Need a Non-Owner Policy

Here are the main reasons people get non-owner auto insurance:

  • You may need to carry a non-owner policy temporarily if you are between vehicles and you want to avoid a lapse in coverage.
  • Sometimes the court orders individuals to carry insurance after certain kinds of convictions. If those individuals do not currently own a vehicle, they can meet their legal requirements by getting a non-owner insurance policy.
  • Many people find it more practical to rent cars on a regular basis instead of maintaining and storing their own vehicles. If you do this, make sure your non-owner policy covers rentals.
  • If you don’t own a car but borrow other cars regularly, you can get a non-owner policy that will kick as secondary coverage.

We Are Here To Help

If you would like to discuss non-owner auto insurance, or if you have questions about auto insurance in general, please feel free to call D & E Insurance Agency in Muskogee, OK today.

Four misconceptions out there about commercial insurance

Business owners need to be properly informed to make the right choices about commercial insurance. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation that business owners in Muskogee, OK could come across. At D & E Insurance Agency, we’re dedicated to informing business owners and helping them make the best decisions on insurance coverage.

The following are four misconceptions out there about commercial insurance:

Commercial insurance is always optional.

Commercial insurance is not always optional; in many cases, it’s mandatory. Laws and regulations may require businesses to carry certain types of insurance, such as workers’ compensation or liability coverage, to protect employees, customers, and the public.

Commercial insurance is not affordable for startup businesses.

Commercial insurance can be surprisingly affordable, even for startup businesses. By tailoring policies to specific needs and leveraging discounts, startups can obtain essential coverage without breaking the bank. This protects a business’s operations and helps achieve future growth.

Business owners can always get coverage under their partner’s commercial insurance policy. 

Business owners cannot always rely on their business partner’s commercial insurance policy. Each business should maintain its own insurance coverage to protect its interests, as relying on a partner’s policy may lead to coverage gaps or conflicts.

All commercial insurance policies are the same.

Commercial insurance policies are not one-size-fits-all. These policies are typically uniquely tailored to the specific needs that a business faces. That’s why business owners need to take the time to figure out what types of coverage and how much coverage their company needs. 

Consult With Us

Get the information you need on commercial insurance by contacting us at D & E Insurance Agency. Protect the financial future of your business in Muskogee, OK with the quality coverage we offer. Call now for a policy quote!

Home Insurance: FAQs

Home insurance is intended to protect your home from unforeseeable calamities, but it can be difficult to completely understand your coverage. D & E Insurance Agency, serving the greater Muskogee, OK community, is here to answer frequently asked questions about home insurance to help with your most pressing questions and give you confidence in your policy.

Home Insurance: FAQs

What Does Home Insurance Typically Cover?

Homeowners insurance provides protection against a range of risks that can befall homeowners and can be prohibitively expensive to cover out of pocket. These include property damage, personal property loss, personal liability, and added living costs. 

When Should You Get Home Insurance?

Before closing on your property, your mortgage lender will most likely require that you buy homeowners insurance. It is crucial to compare different options to choose the best policy based on your requirements. 

Does Home Insurance Cover a Home-Based Business?

If you frequently work from home or own a home-based business, you could need more coverage. Although they may only cover a modest amount of business-related materials or equipment, homeowners insurance policies occasionally exclude liability related to your home business. 

Does Home Insurance Cover Valuable Collections?

It is possible that your coverage will not always fully cover pricey or precious collections. Ask an insurance agent about your assets, so you can understand what is protected and, if necessary, add any further coverage.

We Are Here To Help

If you live in Muskogee, OK or any other nearby area, and you are currently shopping for home insurance, feel free to reach out to D & E Insurance Agency. Our qualified and knowledgeable insurance agents will answer all your questions and help you find an insurance plan based on your needs and budget. 

What are the three major parts of a renters insurance policy?

A renters policy refers to a group of insurance coverages developed to help those who rent rather than own a condo or home. According to the insurance specialists at D & E Insurance Agency in Muskogee, OK, a standard renters insurance policy consists of three coverage types.

Three Major Parts Of Renters Insurance

Personal Property

This part of a renters policy provides coverage (up to policy limits) for your personal belongings should the insured individual face a fire, theft, vandalism, or water damage in the property. The policy reimburses the cost of replacing/repairing damaged or stolen personal items.


Liability coverage protects the insured if found to be legally responsible for the cause of bodily injury or property damage to others. For instance, if a visitor is injured in your rented home – caused by the insured/renter’s negligence, this part of the policy may cover expenses should the injured party sue for damages. It also extends to damage or injuries the insured may cause to someone else’s property.

Additional Living Expenses (ALE) After A Covered Loss 

Should the home your rent become uninhabitable, caused by a defined covered event like a fire or severe storm, the part of the coverage will help with the expenses of temporary living arrangements – meals, hotel bills, or even another rental home.

Note that optional coverage/riders/endorsements may be added. These may include identity theft protection or specific coverage for high-value items, among others.

Contact Us Today

For information about how you can customize a renter’s policy to fit your specific requirements for protection, contact the licensed insurance professionals at D & E Insurance Agency. We look forward to serving your rental insurance needs in and around the greater Muskogee, OK area.

The Risk of Driving Without Auto Insurance

If you own a car, you will likely need to take out an auto insurance plan. These plans can reduce risks by providing payouts in a variety of circumstances. As such, car owners should closely consider their insurance options and should reach out to an insurance agent if they have any questions. Get in touch with D & E Insurance Agency in Muskogee, OK to learn more.

The Road Can Be a Dangerous Place

Each year, millions of car accidents occur in the United States. Often, the property is damaged, and accidents can also produce expensive medical bills. Auto insurance may cover some of the costs that result from an accident. Of course, it’s crucial for policyholders to read the fine print, as some things may not be covered.

When an uninsured motorist gets in an accident, he or she may be on the hook for property damages, medical bills, and other costs. If an uninsured driver is found to be at fault, they may have to pay for someone’s medical bills and property damage as well. These costs can quickly add up and may also lead to complex legal battles, including civil suits. If you’re insured, your insurance company may handle these hassles.

Driving without insurance is also against the law in many jurisdictions. You may even have to show proof of insurance when applying for a license plate. Failing to get insurance could lead to criminal charges and other legal issues.

Auto Insurance May Cover Other Damages

Many cars end up destroyed during severe weather events, such as tornadoes or hurricanes. If a car isn’t insured, the motorist may have to cover the damage themselves. In many cases, the motorist may simply not have enough money to repair or replace the vehicle. As a result, folks could end up stranded. Owners may also have to cover damage caused by break-ins and other events.

Reach Out To Us

While coverage may vary from plan to plan, the right auto insurance policy might cover damage incurred in any of the above scenarios. Visit D & E Insurance Agency in Muskogee, OK to learn more.

Types of Commercial Insurance

At D & E Insurance Agency, we offer many types of insurance, including commercial insurance, for residents of Muskogee, OK. Commercial insurance can provide financial protection for your business. 

What is Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance differs from personal insurance policies because commercial policies are designed to protect businesses and business owners. 

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance provides coverage for your place of business or buildings where you conduct business operations, including warehouses, stores, and manufacturing centers.

This coverage includes the structure, inventory, and property within the building. 

Commercial Auto Insurance 

Commercial auto insurance provides auto coverage for vehicles that are used as part of your business operations. This includes vehicles owned by the company and personal vehicles employees drive while completing job duties. 

Commercial General Liability

Commercial general liability provides protection from liability claims. If someone is injured or their property is damaged while visiting your business, this policy coves the damages. 

It also covers wrongful eviction, libel, copyright infringement, and damage to properties you are renting. 

Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance is important for small and medium-sized businesses. If you can’t operate your business due to covered property damage, this policy will compensate you until your business is open again. 

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Worker’s compensation insurance will cover the medical expenses and lost income of employees if they are injured on the job. If you have one or more employees, Oklahoma requires worker’s compensation coverage. 

Business Owner’s Policy 

A business owner’s policy combines commercial property insurance, general liability, and business interruption insurance into one easy-to-manage policy. 

Reach Out To Us

If you are in Muskogee, OK and need commercial insurance, contact us at D & E Insurance Agency. Our knowledgeable agents are here to help you select the policy that meets your needs. 

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