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Should I Tell My Insurer if I Have a New Trampoline or Swimming Pool?

As a homeowner, you know how important it is to have home insurance, whether or not your home has a mortgage on it. At D & E Insurance Agency serving Muskogee, OK and surrounding areas, we take pride in educating all of our home insurance policyholders, so they can get the coverage they need.

Risk Assessment

When you buy home insurance, the insurance company takes into consideration a range of factors, including where your home is located, what it’s constructed of, and other things. Adding things to your home, such as a new addition or home office, changes how much coverage you may need. Adding certain other features to your home can change your coverage needs as well. This includes things like swimming pools and trampolines.

Features That Add Value

Certain features add value to your home in the eyes of homebuyers. Depending on the homebuyers’ perspective, a swimming pool may be a desired feature, or it could detract from the value. Much depends on the area and the perceived value. If your home is valued higher by your local tax assessor because of the pool, you may need more home insurance coverage.

Either way, though, a trampoline and a swimming pool increase risk, too. Any feature that could potentially be a hazard might be considered a risk. You’ll want to protect yourself from these risks, in the event that anyone is hurt while using these features. And it makes good sense to notify your insurance company ahead of time if you’ve added features of any kind to your home.

Call Today To Discuss Your Options

Since this can be a complex situation, you should consult with your insurance representative at D & E Insurance Agency serving Muskogee, OK. We can help you to determine if your home insurance coverage meets all your needs.

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