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Why Might a Landlord Make Renters Insurance a Requirement?

Renters Insurance is not a requirement under Muskogee, OK law, but many landlords will compel you to show proof of a policy in order to secure a lease. This is because landlord insurance does not extend to your possessions but only to the building you occupy. In addition, many renters choose to purchase this insurance for the benefits it confers.

Why Might a Landlord Make Renters Insurance a Requirement?

It was once rare for landlords to make renters insurance mandatory, but this has now become common practice. One reason is that it can help to alleviate potential disputes between tenants and landlords.

Just as a landlord will ask for a security deposit, your renters insurance helps ensure there is a clear demarcation between what you are both responsible for. Your D & E Insurance Agency representative can be of more assistance in explaining the specific coverage for your situation.

Renters insurance can help cut down on claims that are made to a landlord’s policy in the event that you suffer a loss due to a fire or other structural problem. In some cases, this can help landlords in situations where there is damage due to tenant negligence. 

Landlords do not have to worry about compensating tenants for damaged possessions in the event they are stolen or vandalized. In addition, they may not have to expend resources to provide a tenant with a temporary place to live in the event they are dispossessed. Finally, the landlord’s own insurance company may require that a renter purchase his or her own insurance. 

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