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Do I Need Renters Insurance If My Apartment Complex Has Insurance?

If your complex has a communal insurance policy for all of the tenants, then you may not need to get renters insurance. However, if your complex doesn’t have a communal policy, then it is vital that you get renters insurance to protect your belongings in the case that something happens. 

For more details and help, confer with D & E Insurance Agency, the agency serving the greater Muskogee, OK community. 

Renters Insurance in Apartment Complex: What You Need To Know

If your apartment complex has a full-service building insurance program, you do not need to purchase renters insurance. However, if your complex’s building insurance is not comprehensive, you will need to purchase additional comprehensive coverage. 

If you have a problem with your apartment complex’s building insurance, first identify the issue and then work with your insurance adjuster to work out a solution. Rental insurance can help protect your investment if you’re renting an entire apartment to someone else. 

Many apartment buildings have an option that provides renters insurance as a part of their regular insurance package. If you’re renting an entire building, you can choose to add renters insurance as an option. 

The reason you may need the renters insurance is because the landlord’s insurance will only cover damage caused by other tenants within the building. For example, if your washer floods and damages your apartment building’s common areas and other people’s apartments as well, then the landlord’s insurance will pay for that damage. 

If there is a storm outside of the apartment complex and lightning strikes one of your appliances causing it to burst into flames and burn down your entire apartment building (and everything inside of it), then no one would be able to help pay for these damages. That’s because they would not be covered by anyone else’s insurance. 

The only way they could be paid for would be through an umbrella policy on top of an individual renters policy but this can cost thousands of dollars per year. It isn’t usually worth it unless you have extremely valuable items such as jewelry or art in addition to expensive electronics. 

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If your building has an insurance policy, but you aren’t sure whether it has the proper coverage, you can get a list of the building’s policies and contact the building owner directly. If your apartment complex has insurance, you might not need to take out the full insurance policy. 

However, if your insurance covers only a portion of the costs, ensure to include what’s not covered in your premiums. The complex’s insurance only cover the common areas, such as the pool, gym and hallways. For more inquiries, give us a call at D & E Insurance Agency in Muskogee, OK.

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